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Interested to see how EZ Marine Products will make you’re life easier on the water? Check out our Youtube Channel. Here we share information about our products. See our latest video by clicking on the image below.

"EZ Marine offers a large variety of quality fishing products to help you become the best fisherman on the Columbia River. With genuine passion and great enthusiasm for their craft, I trust EZ Marine products to get the job done every time."
Hayden Schuster

How To Video - Anchor Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead

Below is a trailer for the complete 75-minute video, “Anchor Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead” shot on the Columbia River. This production gives extensive instructions on how to configure and set anchor systems in big rivers. This is also a breakdown of the gear, rigging, baits, and lures needed to be successful. This video features Eric Linde and Carmen Macdonald.
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