EZ Marine Belt Pack Hoist 3

EZ Marine Belt pack will lift Dear or Elk

EZ Marine Hoist will lift and hold the load! You do not need to tie the load off any longer. EZ Puller is very useful. It is a hardware and utility tool. Make your Life EZ'er With EZ Puller

EZ Puller Self Locking Hoist

EZ Puller Belt Belt Packs comes to the user with 50 feet Solid Braid. Nylon rope and 2-5 foot tie lines. One to tie the load and one for the pick point attachment. The EZ Puller Hoist is shipped to you set up with a secondary pulley to allow you to pick twice the load of a single line. It can be used as a single line too for lighter loads. The belt pack is made of nylon, with a belt loop for keeping it with you in the field. 

All parts of the EZ Puller are marine quality S.S. and aluminum with a U.H.M.W Pulley. The EZ Puller is also a handy hardware item also. The EZ Puller can lift, pick, or pull anything - tools, bales of hay, fish, game, snow mobiles, motorcycles, drift boats, helps tighten fences, and thousands of other uses "Keep EZ Puller Belt Pack with you....you may need it at any time"

Make Your Life E Zer...Use E Z Marine Products

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