Anchor Puller       Boat anchors that will stick when others fail.

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EZ Marine Galvanized Anchor

EZ Marine Galvanized Anchor with foul free System


1 Anchor Fouled-------2 Anchor line trips------3 Pick point reverses-----4 Anchor is pulled free

-Zip tie in place to use as brake away


1 Anchor Folded-------2 Anchor collar in Place------3 Band in place holding collar in place- anchor ready to use

The EZ Marine EZ Stow Anchors were developed to fill the needs of an anchor that will work in all bottom conditions - sand, mud, clay, rock, gravel, or any combination. EZ Marines, EZ Stow Anchors also have a break-free system to allow the boater to trip the anchor to pull from the front eye of the anchor to the back or bottom of the anchor to pull the anchor out backward when the anchor is fouled, hung-up, or sanded in.

EZ Marine anchor available 16 lb -- 26 lb -- 32 lb & 40 lb

21 lb Stick Anchor

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